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About Me

As a child I loved dancing and being creative. From the age of 3 I attended my local dance school training in classic ballet, free movement, tap, modern and jazz. After 3 years of professional training I completed my first degree in Dance and professional practise (Ba Hons) at Coventry University in somatic movement, influenced by the movement qualities and therapy of Skinner Release technique.


It was whilst on this course that I first became aware of Dance Movement Psychotherapy and knew this was the direction I wanted to take my work in. Though I loved performing and dancing for the pure joy of it, I was now curious about how through movement the body could communicate and how we make sense of and experience the world around us. How past and present events are held within not just our memories, but in our bodies too, and that by acknowledging our whole self we are able to creatively express and work through the struggles we may be facing.


Following my degree, I took some time out from studying to work in a Montessori’s nursery and then in a CAMH’s tier 4 inpatient unit. This was so I could gain a clearer understanding about mental health and the support available, as well as the process and procedures when it comes to working in the NHS, I then completed an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Roehampton University.


Alongside my DMP work I still loved performing, so in 2018 I founded Neoteric Dance Company. Here I brought together my love for dance and creating with my passion for Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Through my collective Neoteric Dance Company we create professional dance films, live and site-specific performance's that focus on unpacking and making sense of and sharing the lived experiences of those in the armed forces community, those who experience mental health struggles and current social issues.


I adore being by the sea, as for me it is a place of calmness, peace, tranquillity and safety. Whilst allowing me to reflex, move and to let go. My dreams is to one day have a beautiful movement studio on the coast, where I can hold retreats and sessions for those who would like some time away from their busy lives to reconnect with themselves and to have space to nurture and support their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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