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Create * Play * Dance * Connect

Move Into Freedom offers holistic and alternative wellbeing therapy sessions, workshops, and retreats, that sees the whole self being nurtured, supported, and listened to. ​

All offerings are bespoke and tailored to your needs. Dance, movement, play, art, and sand tray influence much of my work, seeing (where appropriate) crystals, self-massage and essential oils being brought into the space.


These sessions are also Hygge inspired, so you will always be welcomed into a warm, cosy, and comfortable space, where everyone is welcomed and celebrated.


"Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) is a relational process in which client(s) and therapist use body movement and dance as an instrument of communication during the therapy process. DMP is an empathic creative process practiced as individual and group therapy in clinical, community, and educational settings, as well as in private practice."


Somatic Body Mapping offers you time and space to be present in the moment, finding ways of reconnecting and communicating with yourself, your emotions and those around you.

Through the use of art, mindfulness and journaling, you will being to create a personal, life size map that creatively reflects you and your personal journey.


Sandplay Therapy is a creative and playful therapeutic intervention, that supports a child, young person or adult to create moments/scenes in sand, that support them to work through and make sense of the things they find hard to sit with. 

Sandplay Therapy is a creative process and supports verbal and non-verbal exploration, allowing the sand to be used however it is needed.

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