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Sand Tray Therapy

" Quote to come"



Sand Tray/Play Therapy is a creative and playful therapeutic intervention, that supports, children, young people and adults to connect with past and present traumas and allows them to make sense of these in the sand.


This can be a verbal or non-verbal exploration, that sees the sand being used however it is needed. This may see a person create a scene or mini world in the tray or they may play with the sand and invite the therapist to play with them.

Most trays will be non-directive, however there may be times when a directive tray is needed, seeing the therapist ask a question for the person to consider and to then hold in mind when working with the sand.


Sand trays normally stay in the tray.  There are times when the sand needs to go beyond the tray , this could be by placing the sand or figurines on the table/surface, so that a bigger scene or world is created. Alternatively the person may want to connect more with a character, feeling or emotion in the tray, through movement and sound the therapist will support and guide the person to embody this element that is in the tray and explore this in the therapy space.  

Emma completed is completing a Certificate in Sand Tray Therapy with Jill Cater Training - Sandplay, Creative Arts and Trauma Training UK and is registered with the Association of Holistic and Complimentary Practitioners (AHCP).

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