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Beyond Birth

" To bring simple, effective mental wellbeing awareness and practices to the lives of every parent starting in the perinatal period that positively affects the family for life."

​Beyond Birth, Sophie Burch, 2021

Being a parent can be amazing, you have this new baby in your arms and their future possibilities are endless. However, for many, this time can also be full of challenges with parenthood not playing out how we might have expected.

Beyond Birth; Early Mindful Parenting sessions offers parents and families a safe space to come together to talk about their experiences of parenthood, share tips and stories of what has been supportive to them, whilst having an opportunity to learn new and additional skills to look after their emotional and mental wellbeing. By coming to the weekly sessions there is an opportunity to form new friendships and a support network.

Sessions run for 6 weeks, seeing a different theme being explored. Mindfulness, relaxation, journaling, and conversation will shape sessions and will see you have space and time to reflect on your own journeys as parents, whilst having an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your partner and your baby.


These sessions are open to all; mothers, fathers, non-birthing partners, grandparents, older siblings, or friends- anyone who is on this new journey in looking after a baby. These sessions have been created to support the whole family no matter who you are.

You are welcome to join the sessions with your baby with you, partner, family member or friend, but it is also ok to join the session alone for some ‘me time’.

Emma completed her training to become a Beyond Birth Mental Wellbeing Practitioner with Sophie Burch, The Mamma Coach and is registered with the Association of Holistic and Complimentary Practitioners (AHCP).

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