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Where families can make beautiful memories together

The Little Wellbeing Circle offers antenatal and perinatal classes, workshops and retreats that support and nurture the whole families wellbeing and happiness.

Classes typically run in blocks of 4-6 weeks, with each class opening up opportunities for you and your little ones to explore and enjoy the world around you.

Workshops and retreats will range in their length of time and can be tailored to meet your needs.

All the offerings at The Little Wellbeing Circle support parent and child bonding, opportunities to play and to look after your mental and emotional wellbeing. These sessions are also Hygge inspired, so you will always be welcomed into a warm, cosy and comfortable space, where everyone on their parenting journey is welcomed and celebrated.

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Beyond Birth is the award winning Early mindful parenting program that supports soon-to-be and new parents. You will learn practical skills to help look after you and your whole families wellbeing,  whist meeting others soon-to-be and  new parents to build your own support community.

These classes are perfect for those at the beginning of their parenting journey all the way through to when your little one is 2 years all. 

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Baby massage is a beautiful way to connect with and bond with your baby. You will learn massage strokes that you can use safely at home, so that you and  your little ones can have moments together, seeing you both explore and get to know one another and the world around you.

Baby Massage classes are for babies and parents from 8 weeks to crawling (around 1 year) Toddler classes are also available.

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Zumbini's is a fun filled session full of singing, dancing and instrument play.  Through engaging activities you and your babies, toddler and young children will have a chance to explore how play can create memorable moments, support your child's development, whilst meeting new friends along the way.

Classes are ideal for babies and parents from 12 weeks/3 months old up until 5 year olds. 

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