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Somatic Body Mapping

" SOMATIC BODY MAPPING is a therapeutic, body led, creative and ritual process that allows you to explore and visually communicate the stories that you live in and through your body"


Annette Schwalbe, 2014


Body Mapping supports you to take some time to slow down from your busy lives, so that you are able to focus on being in the present and to find ways of reconnecting and communicating with yourself, your emotions and those around you.


The Body Mapping process see’s you creating a life-size outline of your body on canvas or paper and by working creatively with art materials, images, words, symbols and movement, you are given space to unpack and communicate your own unique lived experience’s that are held in your body.


These person-centred, somatic workshops (or sessions) recognise that our past, present and future experiences shape and inform the way in whilst we view and move in the world.


By using holistic approaches such as mindfulness, relaxation, free movement, art making, touch and elements of aromatherapy, you will be guided to work through themes that nurture and nourish your overall wellbeing, whilst exploring what it important to you.


If you are interested in finding out more information about 1-1 or group retreat workshops, then please contact me via the contact form.

Somatic Body Mapping is a unique and creative way to explore your whole sense of self. Giving space so you can authentically rediscover who you are. 'Stitching' together your past, present and future self, into one creative tapestry" 

​Emma Dickson, 2021

Emma completed a mentorship in Somatic Body Mapping with SRDMP Annette Schwalbe and is registered with the Association of Holistic and Complimentary Practitioners (AHCP).

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