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Therapy Sessions


Dance Movement Psychotherapy

These creative psychotherapy sessions support the whole of a person, giving space for you to reconnect with your whole self.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy sessions offer you an opportunity  to creatively work through trauma and personal difficulties in a safe and held space.


Somatic Body Mapping

These creative retreats offer individuals and groups an opportunity to move and create art in a holistic and calming space. 


Through movement, relaxation, reflection and art making you are guided to reconnect with your  personal and unique stories that you hold within your body, seeing you being supported to find ways to share these  in your own life size body map.


Dance From

These dance and movement for well being sessions will see you creatively explore through movement, art and complimentary therapies, themes that support you to embrace growth, change and  wellbeing.

This is a space for you to be you without limitations, worries or judgement.


Finding your Inner Light


About Me

Hello and welcome to my page Move Into Freedom.

I am Emma and it is lovely to meet you.

I am a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Somatic Body Map Practitioner, Perinatal Mental Wellbeing Practitioner, Wellbeing Practitioner and professional Dance Artist.

I am a first time mummy to a gorgeous boy and am based in South Wales, UK


My Approach

I am a person centred, integrative Dance Movement Psychotherapist and wellbeing practitioner.  Offering space for you to nurture and reconnect with your body, mind, soul and spirituality.


My approach sees me draw from holistic, trauma-informed, humanistic, psychodynamic and mindfulness based approaches so that I am able to support your needs fully.


Before Birth;
Mindful Early Parenting

Session are held over 6 weeks and support expectant parents in the their journey into parenthood, regardless of if it is their first second or third time of becoming a parent.


These sessions will see you learn new skills to help look after your mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as giving you time and space to reconnect with yourself, partner and baby bump.


Beyond Birth;
Mindful Early Parenting

Sessions are held over 6 weeks and supports all parents in the first 1001 days of parenthood.

These sessions will see you learn new skills to help look after your mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as giving you time and space to reconnect with yourself, partner and baby.


Baby Massage 





Getting Help

This last year has been a particularly challenging time for us all, especially as we have not been able to see our family and friends as easily as we once could and feeling confused about what the next year will bring.

For many, the disruption of ‘normal’ life has been hard and stressful, but on the whole has been manageable.

For some, this year has been especially harder and will have seen them struggle a little bit more with their emotions and mental wellbeing. 

With restrictions beginning to lift and with life looking like it might start to go back to 'normal', now might be a good time to seek some support, to help make that transition back to education, work, seeing family and friends and life in general that little bit easier.

Please do contact me on the form below, if you feel I can support your child(ren), students, staff or yourself through this time of transition and beyond.

If you would like to find out more about the organization and associations I am part of, then please click on the links below.

Emma's brilliant, her sessions are so friendly & informal I felt at ease having my baby attending the session with me. After the first session I felt less guilty about taking time for myself, thinking about how important my MH is and setting some goals for 'me time' really helped to ease the pressures of parenthood.

1st time mum, Beyond Birth sessions

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